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How soon are you available?

We are usually about 1-3 weeks out as far as wait time, but that does vary. Exam times are available Monday-Thursday between 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. Weekend exams are by special appointment only. Some exceptions apply.

Where are you located?

Our office is located at 5933 NE Win Sivers Drive Suite #248 in Portland, OR. This is three miles east of the Portland Airport directly off Airport Way. There is convenient public transportation from the nearby Cascade Station and Gateway Transit Center.

What do I need to reserve an appointment? What is your cancellation policy?

Appointments are best scheduled via phone at 503-489-9972. If you don't catch anyone, please leave a message. We return nearly all voicemails within 24 hours. If you are in need of an exam for parole/probation/treatment an attorney, then no down payment is required. However, we require a $100 deposit to reserve time slots for members of the public. This deposit goes
towards the total cost of the exam.

One Week 'Early Cancellation/No-Show' Policy: If a client needs to cancel or change their appointment time, we are happy to accommodate. However, we need at least one week of notice to make a change. Attempts to cancel or change an appointment time with less than one week of notice will incur a non-negotiable $100 fee pending a doctor's note.

Who will be able to see the results? Will the information be kept confidential?

All polygraph results are kept strictly confidential. There will be a consent & release form when the client arrives. If the client so chooses, the client can put the name of an attorney, treatment provider, parole officer, or other interested party directly on the release form. You are also welcome to put down your own personal email address.

Will I get to know my result that day? How long does it take to receive a report?

All clients will be informed of their result on the day of the examination. Reports are typically produced in 1-3 business days. Full disclosure reports may take additional time. Accommodations may be made
depending on need and availability. Some exceptions apply.

How long is the test? How long should I plan to be there?

The polygraph exam is generally 20-30 minutes, but you should allocate two hours from start to finish. This includes breaks.

I suffer from nervousness and anxiety. How will you handle that?

Feeling nervous and anxious is something we expect to see from nearly all clients. The examiner will be very well-versed in helping you feel comfortable for the test. This includes walking you through the
process, answering all of your questions, and reviewing all of the word-for-word polygraph questions with you prior to running the exam.


Clients are generally nervous across the entire exam, no matter what questions are asked. All of the polygraph questions are presented multiple times so that the client has many opportunities to do well. 

How accurate is the exam?

A specific issue exam is between 90-92% accurate. In Oregon, polygraph is controlled by the state and one must have a state approved license in order to legally operate. This is tightly controlled and there are
less than 100 examiners that are actively practicing in a state of over four million people. There is extensive oversight and quality control in addition to the oversight of the unbiased computerized algorithms.


For additional information on accuracy and the validation studies, please view the meta analysis published by the American Polygraph Association:

I have an appointment scheduled. What should I do to prepare?

Please bring a photo ID and the full payment.

Have a good understanding of any prescription medications that you are taking.


Take all prescription medications as you normally would.

Don't break from your normal routine.

Try to get some rest the night beforehand.

Don't arrive on an empty stomach.

Allocate at least two hours total for your appointment from start to finish.

Familiarize yourself with the Early Cancellation/No-Show Policy.

Bring the completed preparation packet if you're taking a Full Disclosure exam for Parole/Probation.

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive.

Anticipate travel time and rush hour traffic.

Understand that feeling nervous or anxious is par for the course. The examiner will be accommodating.

Plan on telling the truth.


We charge a flat $495 for exams offered to the public, excluding those related to parole/probation.

The prices are as follows:

Private Polygraph Exam: $495

For Parole/Probation/Treatment:
Basic Maintenance $275
Specific Issue $275

Full Disclosure – Sexual History: $325

Weekend/Evening/Emergency/Short-Notice: $695


Fidelity Exams - Concerning Cheating or Infidelity: $695

Requiring Travel or Testing Multiple People: Call for Quote

Testing at an Oregon Jail/Prison/Detainment Facility: Call for Quote

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